BYU Student Nearly Blows Up Dorm while Making Rocket Fuel

At least 22 students have been displaced after a Brigham Young University resident nearly blew up his dorm while making rocket fuel.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon when the unnamed student took a bunch of common items he’d purchased and followed online instructions to attempt to make the fuel, says BYU Police Lieutenant Jeff Long. That’s when a fireball shot up from the pot, covering the walls and ceiling around the stove with flames and triggering the building’s sprinkler system, Long says. The Provo Fire Department arrived a short time later and extinguished the blaze.

Long says the student, 22, did not have permission to make rocket fuel and the project wasn’t a class assignment. “It was definitely poor judgment on this person,” he says. “He didn’t think this through.”

What’s the worst trouble you caused in college?

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