How to Find the Best After-Christmas Deals

Although the holiday shopping season officially ends the night of Christmas Eve, the shopping season doesn’t have to. In fact, experts say post-Christmas sales will run well into late January — and holiday-related deals will continue popping up as late as February. A National Retail Federation Survey reveals 68 percent of U.S. consumers plan on shopping for good deals in the week following Christmas. But experts warn shoppers to avoid getting caught up in a spending spree simply because good deals are expected. “Don’t assume that a sale is a good deal,” says’s Julie Ramhold. “Do price comparisons.”

While winter clothing is often marked down by as much as 70 percent after January 1st, the same isn’t true for electronics, experts say. They usually go on sale after new products are unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in early January, experts say. However, TVs don’t get marked down until early February, after the Super Bowl, says market researcher Marshal Cohen.

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