How & Why to Deep Fry your Bird

Some are traditionalists and like their Turkey oven-roasted. But some of us like to lock in the flavor by deep-frying our bird.

Speaking of flavorsome inject a little more. Others prefer 8 to 16 hours in a brine bath.

For safety – never fry a frozen bird. Check out YouTube videos for others who’ve failed to grasp this concept. You want your thawed and prepped bird to come to room temperature before –SLOWLY — emphasis on SLOWLY — lowering your it into the now 250-degree oil. You want at least three to four inches of oil covering the bird.

Once fully submerged, bring the oil temp to 350-degrees Fahrenheit. Check the temperature of the bird after 35-minutes. Once it reaches an internal breast temp of 151-degrees, slowly remove it from the oil and let rest for 30-minutes before carving.

Do you prefer one cooking method over the other? Who usually cooks the bird at your family’s Thanksgiving?

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