Is Going To The Movies Worth It?

With coronavirus restrictions being lifted for movie theaters in some parts of the country, is it worth it to head to the multiplex to see a big release like Tenet?

Theater operators hope people will return. Many theater owners are promoting fewer seats, mask-wearing, and enhanced cleaning protocols to keep customers safe.
CBC News spoke to Dr. Tasleem Nimjee. She is an emergency room physician and part of her hospital’s COVID response team. Nimjee warns of the risk of going to the movies.

She said, “It’s a long period of time to be kept in an enclosed space. Movies can be emotional. People can cry. People can laugh. So, you’re adding the risk of maybe spreading some of those [coronavirus] droplets.”

Nimjee also spoke about the problems of concession stands saying when you go to the movies, you can take your mask off and “munch on popcorn for 2 and a half hours.”

Will you go to the movies or will you wait?

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