It’s A Buyer’s Market For Travel Deals

The coronavirus crisis has been bad for the travel and hospitality business. Companies are now offering unbelievable deals to get back on their feet. The question is: Is this the right time to take advantage of the specials? With so much uncertainty about when restrictions will loosen across the country and around the world, does it make sense to book a vacation?

USA Today says if you see a deal you like, you should probably get it. The prices might not be this good moving forward. You’ll just have to pay attention to refund and cancellation policies in case you want to cancel or postpone your trip. You also will want to make sure the company you are getting the deal from will be around when you travel. You could be stuck in a situation where the business no longer exists and your trip might be null and void. Book with bigger brands of airlines, hotels and cruise lines that you trust.

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