It’s National Mac And Cheese Day

Pardon me while I wretch in the corner…


Macaroni and cheese is a disgusting dish. Gross, powdered cheese over skinny, inedible macaroni a plague upon the human race. Sure, you can skip the boxed stuff and go restaurant fancy by getting some stinky-ass cheese dumped over huge noodles in an oversized bowl with cheese that is so pungent that no one at the table can eat their meal. It also looks like baby food. As a matter of fact, it is a kids’ food for people who hate their kids. The fact that this celebratory day comes after National French Fry day is a disgrace.

Tuesday, July 14th is National Mac and Cheese Day. Of course, there are several places offering deals on the tasty (putrid) treat. Spots like Noodles and Company are hooking customers up. See their websites and apps for more details. If you visit Stouffers on Twitter, you can prove that you hate life and sign up to win 10 free Mac and Cheese items from them.

Who makes the best Mac and Cheese (no one)? What cheeses need to be in the mix (marinara sauce, skip the cheese aside from a little parm on top)?

I’d take Top Ramen over macaroni and puke any day.


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