Jon Smith has a new podcasts about GUNS AND STUFF!

Since everyone here has a podcast, I figure why the hell not…

Kerry Jackson has the Geekshow,  Bill Allred has “The Let’s Go Eat Show”, and Richie has his Cultural Hall..  So the obvious idea that took me forever to come up with is a FIREARM themed podcast.  I actually had a lot of help from my friends coming up with the idea, as well as coming up with a name, so big thanks to everyone for helping me put this thing together.

The “Down Range Podcast” will be a weekly podcast centered around guns, and gear and will drop every Thursday.  SO!  Give it a listen and let me know what you think.  Even if you don’t like it, download it anyway.  It’s free and I get credit.  pew pew pew!!

This week for our pilot episode we talk to my pals Jace LeRoy, and Rick Pollock about the infamous “gun show loophole”, what happened to the “Hearing Protection Act” and I reveal that I actually renewed my Conceal and Carry permit while sitting on the toilet.  The language gets a little salty, so if you’re at work put those headphones on.


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