Jon Smith reviews terrible movies that he loves from the 80’s!

Back in 1988 I could survive on about 2 hours of sleep.  I was also to young to do anything cool.  SO!  I spent the weekends with my cousin, Mike watching shitty movies on cable.  One of my favorites was a movie call “COLORS”!  This show had EVERYTHING man.  LA Gangs, LAPD car chases, and a soundtrack by Herbie Hancock!   Robert Duvall stars as the street wise veteran gang unit officer, who just got saddled with Sean Penn!  Penn is a hot shot rookie who has the spirit of Scrappy Doo!

We’ve also got scenes from the REAL ICE-T, 80’s teen idol Gerardo,  Don Cheadle playing a CRIP!  (They’re the blue gang) and Damon Wayans in tighty whiteys humping a stuffed rabbit.

Later in life, my pal, Beej would call this the “worst movie ever”.   He has bad taste.


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