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Foo Fighters
photo by Corey O'Brien

3 hours!

For those of you who bounced before the 5-song encore, you missed an amazing Tom Petty tribute and “Everlong.” Never leave a show until those house light come up. Foo Fighters performed a 3-hour show in what they said was their last show of the year after performing around 60-odd shows in 2017.

From the extremely dynamic show, the Foos blew through songs from their 22-year catalog and a little Queen and Alice Cooper to help it all go down nicely. Always in good spirits, David Grohl said this is the happiest he has ever been in his life and it shone through in a set that didn’t end until midnight, causing this DJ to miss Taco Tuesday. It was more than worth it.

The topper for me was the runner-up closer, “This is a Call” from their 1996 self-titled album, accompanied by grunge visuals through, which was the closest I came to be reminded of Nirvana over the course of the evening.

*photos by Corey O’Brien

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