Krispy Kreme Serves Up Jolly Good Donut Line

If you’re thinking past Thanksgiving, Krispy Kreme has you covered in the sweet treat department.

Starting on Friday, the famous donut maker will officially unveil its holiday collection.

First up is the new Festive Tree Doughnut: a red velvet cake batter-filled donut dipped in cream cheese icing.

Next is the new Present Doughnut: a sugar cookie kreme-filled donut dipped in green icing.

And the fan-favorite Santa Belly Doughnut: a chocolate kreme-filled donut dipped in red icing and sugar then topped with more chocolate.

Also, if you’re out making deliveries for a living, you might be interested in this:

What are some of your favorite treats you can only find around the holidays that you can’t wait to get your hands on every year?

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