Lagoon is Opening a Beer Garden in 2019

And yet you can BYOB

In a statement to Fox 13, Lagoon said, “There is always something new at Lagoon and in 2019 we will be opening the Lagoon Biergarten! Located just south of the historic Roller Coaster, Lagoon’s Biergarten will offer a wide variety of beers on tap as well as a range of exciting food options. Lagoon is thrilled with the addition of this beautifully themed dining area and look forward to it’s grand opening next year.”

Considering that Lagoon has let people bring in their old adult beverages in over the years (one of the few in the country to do so) there is no word on whether they plan on changing their policy on this when the new section of the park opens. Either way, Utah is growing up a little more. Now go and vote yes on Prop 2.

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