Looney Tunes Fans Petition To Bring Back Pepé Le Pew

Pepé Le Pew has been the subject of controversy as an op-ed was written in the New York Times earlier this month calling out the skunk for glorying “rape culture” due to the constant pursuit of his love interest.

It’s being said the article led to the cancelation of the Looney Tunes character from upcoming movie and television projects, including the Space Jam 2 release.

Now fans of Pepé are banning together with petitions calling for the reinstatement of the character and one has garnered over 1,000 signatures with a goal of 1,500.

It’s likely the petitions won’t change Warner Bros decision on canceling Pepé, but his absence from Space Jam: A New Legacy, was a disappointment for co-star Greice Santo, who was to appear in a scene with Pepé that would focus on consent, she’s offered $100,000 for the raw footage.

Here’s some live footage of what Pepé is doing now:

Do you think canceling Pepé Le Pew is going too far?

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