Manga…Where Does One Begin?

With Anime Banzai coming up, I got to thinkin’…

Once, a long time ago, I dated a very nice woman who was really into Manga. To me, it simply looked like she was hoarding “Reader’s Digest.” To her, well, it was hours and days and years of entertainment. I have been pondering picking up a couple series and diving in, but ya know, Vice: one week they are talking about serious issues like water shortage, global warming and the next asking where you can still get weed in Amsterdam. I know some of you out there are into these collectable paperbacks, so I am asking for help. Is this list a good place to start? Should I pick up some “Astro Boy” anthologies or are there edgier, more modern places to begin? Or does this guy’s moustache make him a total tool?

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