Missouri Woman Fights City To Keep Her Three Emotional Support Monkeys

A Missouri woman’s neighbor isn’t too happy with her choice of monkeys as an emotional support animal, calling the cops out and forcing her into a battle with the city council. Jim Hentschell reported Texanne McBride-Teahan to the city of Creve Coeur, claiming that the three primates are a safety risk, telling News 4, “Everything I hear about emotional support animals, they only speak about cats and dogs.” McBride-Teahan keeps the monkeys to assist her with PTSD and has the backing of her doctor, who says they are “necessary”. Since the city calls monkeys “inherently dangerous” animals, McBride-Teahan was forced to defend her case last week, with a judge set to rule in November.

Of all the emotional support animals out there, monkeys make the most sense. What’s the big deal?

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