New York Man Saves Life of Bald Eagle

A New York man is being credited with saving the life of the national bird of the United States.

New Rochelle resident Tom Fear says he was driving home last week when he spotted what he thought was a trash bag on the side of the road. However, closer examination revealed it was a bald eagle, which Fear assumed had been hit by a car. Although bald eagles are notoriously aggressive, the bird allowed Fear to pick it up with his bare hands and carry it to his car. “It didn’t resist at all,” he says. “Its wings were folded in and its head was more or less lying on my forearm.”

It turns out the eagle had contracted lead poisoning, which leaves its victims blind, says Jim Horton of QualityPro Pest and Wildlife Services. He suspects the bird flew into a tree and crashed onto the highway.

Missy Runyan, whose Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center took the eagle into nurse back to health, says there’s no doubt Fear saved the bird’s life. “The eagle would have been hit or he would have starved to death,” she says.

Have you ever helped an animal you found on the road? What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen while driving?

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