Nintendo Comes to The Rescue after 95-Year-Old’s Game Boy Breaks

So how many old-school Gameboys does Nintendo have in its secret stash? We’re not sure but we do know that one grandmother was gifted one by the company in the best case of customer service ever! The 95-year-old grandmother, too frail to do much, always enjoyed playing Tetris on her first-generation Gameboy. After her third Gameboy died, the woman and her grandson hoped to find replacement parts for it. After her grandson told her about Nintendo’s “excellent” customer service, grandma didn’t hop on Twitter to talk to Nintendo; she sent the Gameboy to the company along with a letter asking if she could switch her Gameboy for a Nintendo Switch. Instead of sending the 95-year-old a Switch, the company broke out its secret trove of original Gameboys, her one along with a letter wishing her “many more years of Tetris.”

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