Nintendo is Changing the Game With Cardboard

And it looks badass!!!

I wish I were 10-years-old again. I would trade my Legos, Contstrux, and Ninja Turtles for the expansion packs for Nintendo Switch. Also, I sold my Nintendo Switch a couple months back after getting my fill of Mario Kart. I forgot that Mario Odyssey was on the horizon. One lump for that. Two lumps for this!

Nintendo is releasing some genius packs for Nintendo Switch in how you interact with it. From DIY piano, house, fishing pole, human-to-robot body mod pack, and more this is some really cool stuff. The problem is this kind of badassery is a gateway drug to things like cosplay and comic – con. Beware!

Anyway, the packs come out on April 20. And no, stoners, this isn’t about you, but ya know…it could be. Some of us need help finding our inner child. Not myself. I just need to find my credit card so I can go buy another Switch.

You can preorder the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit here.

And here’s a look at the Nintendo Labo Custom Kit.

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