Oh Deer! Colorado Woman Gored By Neighbor’s Pet Deer

A Colorado woman faces fines up to $1,000 for illegally raising a young deer that attacked one of her neighbors.

The victim said she was out walking her dog north of Colorado Springs last Friday when the deer started following her, knocked her to the ground, and repeatedly gored her with its two-pronged antlers.

When the woman tried to run for her garage, the deer chased after and kept attacking.

The woman was hospitalized with injuries to her head, cheek, and legs.

The owner of the deer said she had raised it in her home for the past year.

After the incident, local wildlife officials warned, “We can’t say this enough: Wild animals are not pets.”

The deer was euthanized and is probably in Joe Rogan’s freezer.

Have you ever had a crazy encounter with a wild animal?

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