Chipotle Reveals Reason Behind No Longer Serving Free Tortilla Sides

Chipotle has revealed its reasoning behind no longer allowing free sides of tortillas and-like many other things this year. It’s because of COVID-19.

Jack Hartung, Chief Finance Officer for Chipotle, says that the company is now charging a quarter for side tortillas because it has seen a dip in restaurant-level operating margins over the most recent quarter.

During a call with investors, Hartung also stated that Covid-19 pay (which covers the expenses of employees if they or a family member is exposed to the virus) and how customers are spending. Burritos have been in high demand with the company. Working that food hack angle, customers were adding a LOT of free side tortillas to their order.

While free is good, Chipotle is still keeping their extra tortillas on the affordable side for just 25 cents.

What is your go-to order from Chipotle? Are you angry about having to pay for side tortillas now?

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