One Of The Best Concerts I’ve Ever Been To Was Caught On VHS!

As A radio DJ I’ve been to hundreds of shows over the years.  Some Great, some really bad.  But people ask me all the time:

“What is the best concert you’ve ever been to!?”

That’s tough!  Do I go with NIN at the Delta Center?  Do I go with MUSE for the amazing show they put on?  Maybe The Cure at Coachella?  I really can’t pick just one..

BUT!  One of the most FUN shows in my lifetime has to be seeing The Offspring in December of 1994.  Hitting the stage with Guttermouth and Stretch Armstrong at the PEAK of the SMASH album’s success.  I remember this show so vividly.  Dexter’s purple suit, My friend (and former X96 DJ) Norm Church breaking a rib in the mosh pit, and the smell of my Candlebox T-shirt when I got home.  One of the last shows in the Fairpark Coliseum before it was torn down.

Amazingly, and I don’t recall how I found it, someone caught that WHOLE show (and the one the night before) on VHS tape, and uploaded it to YOUTUBE

Admittedly it does nothing to capture the experience of 16 year old Jon Smith attempting to stage dive (I couldn’t get past the bouncers.), or seeing a show that would change my tastes from flannel and Docs, to Camo shorts and NOFX tees.  As they say, “You can’t go home again”.  BUT!  Still fun to watch.

THIS was at least ONE of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

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