Over The Past 60 Years, Disney Admission Has Risen 3,014%

Everything today, of course, is more expensive. Just think about how much the cost of going to the movies or a gallon of gas has risen over the last few decades. The Disney theme parks are no different. According to a new study conducted by Play Like Mum, the price of Disney World admission has jumped 3,014 percent since its opening in 1971. At the time, a single day ticket ran just $3.50. You now have to shell out $109. The increase at Disneyland is even more dramatic, the site notes. In 1955 when The Happiest Place on Earth debuted, tickets were just $2.50. They’ve now skyrocketed 5,060 percent to $129. If keeping pace with the rate of inflation, a Disney World ticket would only run $22.14, showing a 392.3 percent increase.

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