‘Patience’ is the word on election night

A new poll has former Vice President Joe Biden up by five. But The Associated Press reports those readying to cover election night are proceeding with caution.
The polls were wrong in 2016 – projecting Hillary Clinton would win.

And in 2000’s disputed election, television media infamously flubbed their coverage. So much so, that top news heads testified before congress – explaining how they got it wrong.
CNN’s Sam Feist is handing out copies of that testimony to his staff – it’s required reading. The network’s Washington bureau chief says, “We need to prepare ourselves for a different kind of election night… and the word I keep using is ‘patience.'”

Will we see an election night GOP surge overtake the early voting momentum of Democrats? Do you normally watch election night coverage? Will you this year? Do you think the polls will be wrong again? What does that mean for the fate of political polling?

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