Pennsylvania Family Finds Thousands of Bees in Home, Honey Dripping from Walls

To borrow a line from an old “Saturday Night Live” sketch, a Pennsylvania family must have felt like they were in a “B movie” after they discovered several thousand bees living in their home.

The Isabell family first noticed something was amiss in their Perkasie home on Friday when they noticed dark stains dripping down their walls. At first, they assumed it was damage caused by Tropical Storm Fay — until they took a closer look. “My husband felt this really sticky, syrupy stuff we were brave and smelled it and he said, ‘This is honey! This is honey pouring down our walls,'” Andrea Isabell says.

On Monday, after calling in expert Allen Lattanzi, the family learned their walls and attic are filled with bees. Lattanzi says he’ll return this week — not to kill the insects, but to capture them and bring them back to his company, Yerkes Honey Farms in Collegeville. “The bees become my girls,” Lattanzi says. “I will take them home and they will become a honey producer for me. I will make a colony.”

Have you ever experienced a major infestation? Would you hire a pest control guy who refers to bees as his “girls?”

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