Pole-Dancing Skeletons Draws Ire of Texas Homeowner’s Association

A Texas woman has come under fire by her homeowner’s association for decorating her yard with “inappropriate” Halloween decorations.

Richmond resident Angela Nava, who decorated for the upcoming holiday with pole-dancing skeletons, says she’s received a letter from her HOA that says the skeletons are “offensively positioned.” She’s been ordered to remove them. “It’s modeled after an adult club,” Nava says. “Every night, we change the positions of the skeletons, and it’s really been just a great creative outlet for me.”

And Nava says she’s not about to give up that creative outlet. “We’ve all been cooped up and it’s been just a terrible year,” she says. “We’ve just decided if this brings a little bit of joy and a little bit of smiles to someone, then we’re doing everything right.”

What’s the most creative Halloween display you’ve seen? Are most people offended by things only because they think they’re supposed to be offended?

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