Police in one Montana Town Record 120 Car Accidents in a Single Day

If there’s a virus that disrupts people’s ability to drive, it must be rampant in Bozeman, Montana. Police in the town says they responded to no less than 120 vehicle accidents on Thursday.

Actually, only 40 of the crashes occurred within the boundaries of Bozeman. The remaining 80 happened in unincorporated parts of Gallatin County, which the Bozeman Police Department is responsible for, authorities say as reported by NBC Bozeman.

“Injury-related crashes took priority and as a result, we could not respond to every crash,” reads a statement released by the Bozeman P.D. “Detectives, SROs, and Animal Control all responded directly to crashes to help patrol with the heavy call volume.” Department officials say they have no idea what prompted the high volume of accidents.

Any theories on why this occurred?

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