Pumpkin Spice has Gone Too Far

It’s that time of the season when the leaves are changing, the sweaters are coming out from the back of your closet, and companies take advantage of the pumpkin spice cravings of girls (and boys) everywhere. Here are some of the craziest products that have jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon:

Pet Treats

If you’re already a pumpkin spice fan then you’ve probably run out of friends and family to share your true passion for the flavor. Now you can share your addiction with your furry friend.


Do you feel like regular butter just doesn’t satisfy your cravings anymore? Try pumpkin spice spread to make your morning better. Cook your egg in pumpkin spice and spread it on your toast to really absorb that fall sensation.



If you’re nervous for a date and need a confidence boost for a first kiss, pop in a pumpkin spice mint. Your date just might totally forget they’re kissing a real person and mistake you for a real life jack-o-lantern.



We’ve covered breath and food, but what about your natural body odor? When you smell like a pumpkin patch, you’re all set to “spice” up that special someone’s life.


Children’s Costume

It’s time to take your obsession to the next level. Embarrass your child by dressing them up in this pumpkin spice costume for Halloween. Halloween may be all about scaring the other children and parents, but who cares about that? Advertise your true passions in life on your kid. Bonus: Have them pop in a pumpkin spice mint to really mask the fact that they are a human child.


Candy Corn

Speaking of Halloween, there’s a theory that all the candy corn in the world has just been re-used since the 50’s. Now the company has a reason to keep making the wax candy that we have all grown to dread.


What outrageous pumpkin spice products have you encountered? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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