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How to Stay Active During the Fall and Winter

Staying active during the fall and winter months can be a bit more challenging due to colder weather and shorter daylight hours. However, there are many indoor and outdoor activities you can enjoy to maintain your physical fitness and overall well-being during these seasons. Here are some tips to help you stay active:

1. Try indoor workouts:

  • a. For working out at home, create a dedicated space where you have plenty of space to move. Try finding online classes or having dance parties of your own.
  • b. Working out at a fitness center can be great way to stay healthy and make friends through fitness center classes.

2. Try out some cold(er) weather activities.

  • a. Activities such as skiing, snow shoeing and fall weather hikes can be a great way to stay active and enjoy the beauty of changing seasons.
    • i. Be sure to dress for the weather and wear layers.
    • ii. Get appropriate foot wear to ensure your feet stay dry and warm, and you have better stability on snow and ice.

3. Volunteer in an active way.

  • a. You can shovel snow for a neighbor, stock shelves at a food bank, or participate in fall neighborhood clean ups. There is almost always a need that you can help to fill.

4. Stay consistent.

  • a. The best way to maintain an active lifestyle is to move consistently throughout the year. Try to find fun ways to get movement in whenever you can.

5. Stay hydrated.

  • a. People often drink less water during the colder months, but it is important to stay hydrated year-round. Drinking enough water will help you have enough energy to stay active and help to mitigate illness.

Maintaining an active lifestyle throughout the autumn and winter seasons offers benefits not only for physical health but also for mental and emotional well-being. Try to find activities that bring you joy and align with your fitness objectives. Encouraging friends and family to join you in can provide motivation, accountability, and an extra layer of enjoyment.,Physical%20Activity%20Guidelines%20for%20Americans.

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