Rabid Racoon Mauls Massachusetts Woman

Apparently, one raccoon in Massachusetts wasn’t quite ready for the holidays to arrive.

The 45-pound animal, which authorities say may have been rabid, attacked a 70-year-old woman while she was hanging her Christmas lights. “I kept hearing this noise,” says Lancaster resident Donna Sanginario. “I finally turn around and there is this raccoon. It was staring me right in the eye and it was huge. I went to back up and as soon as I did, he jumped right at me. It was mean and it would not stop screaming and I am screaming.”

Eventually, Sanginario says she was able to get the raccoon in a headlock. “I just kept bending over and squishing and squishing and squishing him,” she says. “I heard bones break. My heart was racing so bad I thought I was going to have a heart attack.” However, despite Sanginario’s account of the struggle, the raccoon survived and wandered off, authorities say. Sanginario suffered multiple scratches and bruises, and is now undergoing a series of rabies shots, she says.

Have you ever encountered an aggressive wild animal?

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