Report: Instacart Customer Data Is Being Sold on the Dark Web

If you love the convenience of Instacart’s grocery delivery service, Buzzfeed has bad news for you; your Instacart account info is likely being sold to creeps on the dark web.

Buzzfeed News found over 278,000 Instacart accounts, including names, email addresses and their credit card’s last four digits, were being sold for as little as $2 a pop on the dark web.

When Buzzfeed asked Instacart “what’s up with this data breach?” a spokesperson said “We are not aware of any data breach at this time”, suggesting that the breach had to have come from somewhere outside of Instacart. The service has millions of customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Will you continue to use Instacart based on Buzzfeed’s investigation? Have you ever had any of your identifying details stolen?

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