RIP MoviePass

It was too good to be true from the start

I have seen 110 movies on my MoviePass since getting it late last year. For $9.99 a month I could see one movie a day, every day. For a movie junkie like me, there was nothing better. The best thing about it? It worked. I’d show up, check in, and watch the show. I was so happy. Life was good. God was great.

Then MoviePass made it so you could only see a movie one time…unless that movie was Solo. It didn’t seem to care how many times I saw Solo. I was fine with that it. Then I had to start taking a picture of all my tickets and submit them on the app. That’s a small inconvenience. It was still an amazing deal.

Thursdays nights are my favorite night. The new movies drop in the evening to kick off a weekend of meals consisting of popcorn and Diet Coke. So when I was looking forward to going to the new Mission Impossible film last night I was disappointed that it was going to cost me an extra $4.25. Why? Because MoviePass took a page from Uber and have initiated surge pricing. This means that when MoviePass thinks a movie will be in high demand they charge you a little something extra. I guess that isn’t so bad since I tend to go to movies at off times.

The problem was that every screening was set to surge pricing. I am not quite sure how 11:00 pm is a peak time. I also doubt that the movie theatres share when they are about to sell a screening out with MoviePass. That means they just arbitrarily adding surge pricing on whatever they like without rhyme, reason or explanation.

Actually, just about every movie at all times was set to surge pricing – old and new movies alike.

Needless to say, people like myself, who love their membership weren’t having it.

Oh, and this didn’t help either.

I wonder why that is…

That’s right. MoviePass ran out of money and couldn’t cover ticket prices according to CNN and other news outlets. I wonder what happens if you don’t pay your $9.99 subscription fee. I’m guessing they don’t pay for your movies. RIP MoviePass. That’s one less card in my wallet.

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