The Best Budget Apps for Your Money

Making a budget can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be with the help of some apps you can add to your phone. Goodbudget gives you virtual envelopes, so you can assign every dollar you have in your budget. Wally is very simple. Set your budget, and balance your expenses. Mint gives you an overall picture of your finances, by allowing you to track bills, create a budget and check your credit score all in one spot. Pocketguard takes a simpler approach, showing you what you have and what you owe all in one place. If you are trying to manage money with a partner, check out Honeyfi. The app tracks spending by each person, and you can assign transactions to each person or together. The last two apps come with a price. YNAB costs $6.99 a month after the trial ends, but the plan helps you stick to four facets with your money. Acorns rounds up each transaction and invests it, which costs between $1-$3 monthly to have.

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