The ’King of Instagram” Is Having a $1 Million Model Search

Crave attention?

Dan Bilzerian, also known as the ‘King of Instagram’ has started a $1 million model search to promote his business. As the head of his business, Ignite, Bilzerian is known for his posts that show off his lifestyle of models, fast cars, jets, yachts, mansions, and women. Ladies, if you want to enter you just have to submit your portfolio to his Ignite website. If you’re one of the 10 women chosen, you’ll receive a $100,000 contract to represent his brand at conferences, events, and dispensaries.

Here are some examples of the glory you could be living:


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Leader of the fuckboys

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😂😂😂 @sofia_bevarly @brendononeal

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Have you entered a model search? Do you really believe he’s going through with the contest, or he’s already chosen the winners? How do you feel about these types of contests?

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