They Stole COVID-19 Relief Money And Bought A Lamborghini

A group of seven people in Illinois and Texas have been charged with stealing millions in coronavirus relief money – and wait till you hear what they spent it on.

Federal authorities say the group pulled the scam by submitting fake loan applications through the federal Payroll Protection Program, a government program meant to help small businesses during the pandemic.

They then cashed fake paychecks at a check-cashing business owned by one of the suspects – including at least one check made out to the suspect’s 86-year-old mother.

Feds say they scammed over $16 million and spent it on high-priced items like a Lamborghini, a Porsche, and an upscale Houston property.

Who would try to steal money meant to help pandemic victims? Did they really think no one would notice them driving a Lambo?

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