This Guy Summited Everest in His Shorts!

Wim Hoff. Don’t forget that name. He may be a magic…

This guy is a master of his domain. No, not the Seinfeld kind, though I am sure he has found a better way of doing that too. Wim Hoff is a dutch man of mystery. He wants to bring love back into the world. He wants to control the adrenaline his body uses. He wants to sit in freezing cold water and then hike up mountains. Wim Hoff wants to break science.

Superhuman? Maybe. The thing is, the scientists are backing him up. Even when it comes to the effect of viruses and disease his techniques have astounded the well-disciplined experts. He is a daredevil and adventurer. Holds 20 records for so many things, which you can enjoy on his Wikipedia page.

We all know personal control and delayed gratification are virtues. In our society, they seem like qualities out of reach for most of us. We serve self-imposed duties and routine as opposed to uncomfortable wonderment. Rather than going for a hike, we go to the store to make sure we have enough tortilla chips for the gallon of salsa we bought. God forbid we run out of either, even for an afternoon. We rationalize the importance of dull monotony because of the risk of realizing we aren’t doing much with our time.

Take 45 minutes or so and watch this. I am not saying it will change your life, but it will open up some possibilities about human capability. Even if that’s not your thing, watching these people hold their breath for 2 and half minutes and hopping into ice-cold water only to then scamper up one of Europe’s tallest peaks in the winter wearing their summer shorts without the effect of sissiness setting in will be well worth your time spent not working.

Also, there’s always something pretty amazing to watch on Vice’s YouTube page.

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