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Radio From Hell Wellness Check with Alaina Wood | 4.11.2024

How to Create your Destination Postcard

The destination postcard is a tool used to help people picture their most ideal future. Envisioning the future is a tool that has been used for success by CEOs, Olympic athletes, your hippy neighbor, and countless others. The destination postcard can help you to get clear on what you want most and build your goals and actions around that vision. Let’s begin.

  • Picture yourself one year from now. (You can choose a different timeframe if you’d like)
    • Imagine your life is exactly how you want it to be.
  • Get specific.
    • Where are you?
    • What are you doing?
    • What adventures are you having?
  • You can be anything, and do anything, so dream big!
    • Maybe you are on your dream vacation.
    • Maybe you’re running a race.
    • Maybe you got that promotion at work.
    • Your creativity is the only limit here.
  • Capture this future vision (write it down, draw it out, create a vision board)
    • What goals and values did you notice in this future vision?
    • Why are these important to future you?
    • What behaviors are you engaging in?
  • Use present tense language.
    • Write out your vision using “I am” language.
    • This teaches our brain that these goals are truly possible.
  • Place this somewhere that you can see it each day.
    • Picture this future version of yourself often (daily if possible).
    • Read the postcard outload.
  • Use this tool to help guide and direct your goals and activities through the year.
    • If your future self is going on a vacation, start planning and saving for the vacation.
    • If your future self is running a race, start training for that race.

The destination postcard, or wellness vision, is a very helpful tool to help keep us motivated and moving in the direction we want to go. Once you’ve created your destination postcard, breakdown your future goals into small daily actions. As always, start where you are, do what you can, and give yourself lots of grace along the way.

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