Todd Nuke’em Tours the Lagoon Biergarten

Lagoon Biergarten…are we still in Utah?

Perhaps the best-kept dining secret in Farmington is nestled between the 100+-year-old wooden roller coaster and the Spider. I’m speaking, of course, about Lagoon’s Biergarten—a charming German pub that feels like an island of tranquility in the middle of one of the finest amusement parks in America. Yes, it’s definitely not a well-kept secret when the park is open. It’s the perfect place for a nice sit-down meal and a beer…or soda…whatever you prefer. But the real treat is visiting Lagoon’s Biergarten in the middle of November.

Lagoon’s iconic 100+-year-old-used-to-be-painted-white roller coaster

You should know that I’m a bit of a roller coaster nerd, and I’m a fan of Lagoon and its history. When Mrs. Nuke ‘Em and I decided to venture to the park for dinner, I was seriously excited just to have a view of the place while it is in hibernation mode. It was already dark when we drove through the massive—and completely empty—Lagoon parking lot to a nondescript opening in the fence behind the Spider and the roller coaster.

Seeing the steel frame Spider in the night sky with no ambient screams of guests, metal clanking from the tow chain, and general merriment of thousands of guests from the summer months was pretty cool. I never pictured Lagoon in total silence.

The wooden coaster that celebrated her hundredth birthday in 2021 stood in the night sky with no lights flashing on the wooden frame. No clamorous trains banged along the track with passengers shrieking on the same dipping hills that their grandparents rode. It was eerily peaceful and I loved it!

Lagoon's Biergarten

Lest you accidentally mistake the churro stand for the Biergarten

But let’s get to the Biergarten. It’s been open for a few years, and I’ve never visited it. Last night, we decided to check it out. Their German-style pub has a simple menu that stays true to the tone of the establishment. Lagoon—never one to spare on décor and theme—designed a comfortable place for a casual meal.

That olde world feel nestled between the Wild Mouse and the pitching challenge.

And yes, they have Bratwurst, German chocolate cake, Bavarian pretzels, and other favorites. I picked the weekly special of beef stew served in a bread bowl, and my wife enjoyed their classic beer-battered fish & chips. The food was great, the mood was wonderful—we were the only ones in there at the time—and I loved the big wooden tables and chairs. I’ve been to Germany and Austria, and Lagoon got it right.

Lagoon's Biergarten

Weekly specials include beef stew served in a bread bowl and classic beer-battered fish & chips

Since Lagoon just announced its new Primordial ride for 2023, you might consider a visit to the park next year. Or if you’re a roller coaster nerd, drop by the Biergarten year-round for good food and a bit of a peek behind the curtain of the park in their offseason.

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