Toddler Finds $1000 Cash, Shreds It To Bits

A Utah couple is out a thousand bucks thanks to a curious toddler and a paper shredder. Ben and Jackee Belnap had been saving up the money to pay back Ben’s parents for a gift of football tickets. But over the weekend, the envelope full of cash disappeared. Eventually, they figured out their 2-year-old son had put the envelope through the shredder. Jackee says her son helps her shred junk mail and other papers and must have put the envelope through when they weren’t looking. The Belnaps sent the shreds to a federal office that deals with ripped money and hope to get it back in a year or two. Meanwhile, their son is no longer allowed to use the shredder.

Isn’t it usually it’s Orrin Hatch shredding money that we had other plans for? Odd.

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