Would You Ditch Your Smartphone for a Year for $100,000?

Do you spend mindless hours scrolling on your social feeds when you know you could be doing something much more productive? If so, and you are looking for some motivation to break your smartphone addiction, there’s a company that wants to help you! Vitaminwater is willing to pay one lucky person $100,000 if they can make it an entire year without their smartphone! If the person only lasts six months, they will get $10,000.

Whoever is selected for the competition gets a “call-only” phone and can still use a laptop or desktop. However, using someone else’s smartphone is a no-no. A lie detector test will be administered. Contest submissions are currently open and will end on January 8th. You can enter four times via Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest in the post.

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