X96 I.P.O. | January 15, 2017

X96’s Initial Public Offering of New Alternative, Sundays at 9pm hosted by Corey O’Brien

  • Ginger Snaps “Phat Kids”
  • LP “Lost on You”
  • Born Cages “Ain’t Gonna Happen”
  • The xx “I Dare You”
  • Royal Teeth “Kids Conspire”
  • The Shins “Name For You”
  • Ella Vos “White Noise”
  • Declan McKenna “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home”
  • The Wrecks “Favorite Liar”
  • Foreign Air “Caffeine”
  • AFI “Get Hurt”
  • Rubblebucket “If You See My Engine”
  • Empire of the Sun “Way to Go”

Hit play and enjoy a nice beverage!

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