X96 I.P.O. | January 22, 2017

X96’s Initial Public Offering: a full hour of new music every Sunday at 9pm

  • Spoon “Hot Thoughts”
  • Conor Oberst “A Little Uncanny”
  • The xx “Replica”
  • Arcade Fire “I Give You Power”
  • Love They Brother “Love Me Better” feat. Ariel Beesley”
  • Surfer Blood “Frozen”
  • Hamilton Leithauser + Rostem “A 1000 Times”
  • Middle Kids “New Start”
  • LP “Lost on You”
  • Born Cages “Ain’t Gonna Happen”
  • Little Cub “My Nature”
  • Ginger Snaps “Phat Kids”
  • AFI “Still a Stranger”

Now pour yourself something nice to drink and hit play!

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