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Meet the Fans

“Utah has spoiled us for years and years, decades even.” In Utah we know its summer time when 311 come in town to play a show. “We are addicted to summer travel.” So putting out a social media post about doing an interview with you got huge hits with people talking about how they have hung out with you or danced with you on a cruise or had drinks with you at the bar. “We could be even better about it but we are lauded as being really in touch with our fan base especially and it’s just fun. We know nothing is going to last forever, especially taste in music and bands and all these relationships and who knows what’s in the future so we’ve got now and we’ve got a lot of really cool people supporting our now so we are going to support those people as much as possible and we’re going to carve out ideas, creative experiences and try and give them as much as we can of our musical circus… they help us carve out our own bands personality…”


Remember the time when 311 would play small shows with 200 to 300 people “I think about that stuff all the time and remember those shows. Those are the kind of shows that motivate me just as much as playing in front of 10,000 people. It’s the immediate contact and if it’s big or small it still affects me in the same way, I’m still having the time of my life supporting the band as good of a base player as I can be…” 311 is in the middle of a tour and will be in Salt Lake on Saturday August 12th at USANA Amphitheater with Blue October and special guests. Tickets are still on sale so get them while you can.

311 Amber Ale and beers

Doing some searching on social media, I came across your 311 Amber Ale, “It’s been kind of a slow roll out. We’ve been working on it for the past 3 years or so. It’s gotten better, we finally have it in cans, before we had it being shipped around in growlers and being served out of coolers…” “I know it’s being shipped out to Las Vegas but don’t think it will make it Salt Lake.” With the regulations that Utah has it most likely will not come to Utah. “We are working on something called Beautiful Disaster, which is actually a semi little brain child of mine where it reflects kind of what I like to drink and it’s something stronger than 10 percent, it’ll be 11.3”

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