You Should Never Keep These Foods In The Freezer

You know the drill: can’t get to the food in your fridge so you toss it into the freezer hoping to extend the shelf life. While that may work for some items, it’s not a good plan for every foodstuff. Putting milk into the freezer will cause the liquid and fats to separate, creating a chunky texture. It’s perfectly safe to drink, however. Same goes for soft cheeses. Potatoes will become mushy when they thaw due to their high moisture content, as well as most fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, and pasta. Don’t put eggs in their shells into the freezer, otherwise, you’ll be looking at cracks that could breed bacteria inside.

And one definite no-no. Once you defrost meats, don’t be tempted to put what you didn’t use back into the ice box. Dangerous bacterias could form. Cook and then return to the cold.

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