X96 Mobile Alerts

X96 concert announcements and pre-sales, Lounge X invitations, contests, movie tickets to advanced screenings and more.

Sign up for X96 Mobile Alerts and we’ll keep you in the loop wherever you are.

Text JOIN to 33986 to sign up*

We won’t send you more than 3 alerts per week and you can opt-out anytime by text back STOP.

You can also make requests, ask questions and tell us what’s on your mind anytime by texting us at 33986*.

You can use these keywords:

  • SONGS: To get the last 3 songs played on X96.
  • OFFERS: X96 will send amazing deals right to your phone.
  • MOVIES: Sign up for the X96 M.W.A. (Movie Watcher’s Association) and you’ll get first chance at winning advanced screen passes to new movies and other movie-related information.
  • EVENTS We will send you concerts & events we think you should check out, right to your phone, every Wednesday at noon
*Message and data rates may apply. Also, by signing up to receive mobile alerts, participants will receive up to 2 msgs per request.
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