True TV with Bill Frost

LA’s Finest (New Series, Mondays, Fox)

Filthy Rich (New Series, Mondays, Fox)

Kal Penn Approves This Message (New Series, Tuesdays, Freeform/Hulu)

South Park: The Pandemic Special (Special, Wednesday Sept 30, Comedy Central)

Let’s Be Real (Special, Thursday Oct 1, Fox)

Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood (New Series, Thursday Oct 1, Netflix)

A World of Calm (New Series, Thursday Oct 1, HBO Max)

Monsterland (New Series, Friday Oct 2, Hulu)

Warrior (Season 2, Friday Oct 2, Cinemax)

The Good Lord Bird (New Series, Sunday Oct 4, Showtime)

The Comedy Store (New Docuseries, Sunday Oct 4, Showtime)

The Walking Dead (Season 10 Finale, Sunday Oct 4, AMC)

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (New Series, Sunday Oct 4, AMC)

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