7 Best Moments from Saturday’s B.A.SH

The following was compiled by Steve Bryner-an F.O.P. and avid X96 Fan

  1. After about thirty seconds of a Death Cab for Cutie song and the lead singer went into a kind of a “La La La Da Da Da” kind of a thing and then he announced that he had forgotten the lyrics to that song and that they were going to skip that song and move on to the next one.
  2. The nice, drunk man on our left whose pants fell down, and remained half down revealing some very “sessy” Captain America underwear. I think seeing the man with the Captain America underwear would have made being there actually bearable for Kerry.
  3. The nice drunk lady on our right who wasn’t wearing a bra.
  4. I asked my wife what she liked best and she said that she liked Kerry’s bad attitude. Definitely a highlight for me as well. He came out on stage with his umbrella, didn’t say a word and then walked away, probably with car keys in hand, before the announcing was even finished. Loved it. Left us both smiling. Actually the whole conversation with Kerry before the show. “So Dexter, you still skateboarding?” “Nah.”
  5. When Richie helped Bill give his testimony before introducing The Offspring.
  6. The parking lot full of very happy people after the show all randomly yelling “Sail!” Very funny.
  7. The Offspring was amazing.

What were your favorite moments from Saturday’s Big Ass Show?

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