Animal Collective Marks 20 Years of ‘Sung Tongs’

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Animal Collective: Sung Tongs 20th Anniversary Reissue + Live Album

To celebrate 20 years of their pivotal album Sung Tongs, Animal Collective has announced a special reissue on colored vinyl alongside the first-ever digital and physical release of Sung Tongs Live at the Theatre at Ace Hotel. This live recording captures Panda Bear and Avey Tare’s memorable 2018 performance, where they played the album in its entirety. The reissue and live album will be released on October 4 through Domino.

A New Chapter: Sung Tongs Comes Full Circle

The Sung Tongs Live at the Theatre at Ace Hotel album provides fans a complete set from the 2018 show, where the band played Sung Tongs in order, with a notable deviation to include “Covered in Frogs” right before “Winters Love.” Though never recorded in-studio, “Covered in Frogs” has become a cherished live staple since its first appearance in 2004. Animal Collective have shared a live version of “Kids on Holiday,” offering a preview of the album.

A Glimpse Into the Live Setlist

  1. Leaf House (Live)
  2. Who Could Win a Rabbit (Live)
  3. The Softest Voice (Live)
  4. Covered in Frogs (Live)
  5. Winters Love (Live)
  6. Kids on Holiday (Live)
  7. Sweet Road (Live)
  8. Visiting Friends (Live)
  9. College (Live)
  10. We Tigers (Live)
  11. Mouth Wooed Her (Live)
  12. Good Lovin Outside (Live)
  13. Whaddit I Done (Live)

Past and Present

This 2018 performance wasn’t the only time the band played Sung Tongs in its entirety. Before their set at the Ace Hotel, Animal Collective performed the album at New York’s Knockdown Center for Pitchfork’s 21st anniversary. The band’s latest studio album, Isn’t It Now?, was released in 2023, alongside a remastered edition of their debut album, Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished.

Fans eagerly await the October 4 release, which promises a nostalgic journey through Sung Tongs and a chance to experience a beloved live performance again.

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