New Alternative Albums Dropping May 10th

New album Releases

X96 (90s and 00s Alternative Rock): Upcoming Releases on May 10, 2024

Amen Dunes: Death Jokes [Sub Pop]

Amen Dunes, the project of musician Damon McMahon, is set to release Death Jokes under Sub Pop. Amen Dunes’ moody alternative sound has garnered a dedicated following, resonating deeply with those who crave immersive, genre-bending rock music. With a reputation for introspective lyrics and unconventional song structures, Death Jokes promises to deliver on McMahon’s signature mix of the atmospheric and the compelling. Learn more here. 


Arab Strap: I’m Totally Fine With It 👍 Don’t Give a Fuck Anymore 👍 [Rock Action]

Scottish indie rock duo Arab Strap, known for their dark and gritty lyrical content, drops their latest album, I’m Totally Fine With It 👍 Don’t Give a Fuck Anymore 👍, via Rock Action. Their unconventional approach to storytelling, paired with gritty instrumentation, has made them a mainstay in the indie rock scene. Purchase the album here. 


Knocked Loose: You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To [Pure Noise]

Hardcore band Knocked Loose is renowned for their intense energy and ferocious live shows. Their latest release, You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To, continues their tradition of delivering raw, uncompromising hardcore music. The band’s fervent fanbase in the alt-rock community will likely find this new album filled with the band’s signature breakdowns, aggressive riffs, and throat-shredding vocals. This record will surely cement Knocked Loose’s place in the alt-rock world. Learn more about the band here. 


Les Savy Fav: Oui, LSF [Frenchkiss/The Orchard]

Les Savy Fav, a post-punk band celebrated for their chaotic energy and wild live performances, is dropping Oui, LSF, through Frenchkiss/The Orchard. Known for a sound that bridges indie rock with punk, the band has amassed a loyal following due to their high-energy stage presence and unpredictable style. Oui, LSF promises to capture the edgy, frenetic musicality that fans have come to love.


Incubus: Morning View XXIII [Epic]

In celebration of one of their most beloved albums, Incubus is releasing Morning View XXIII, a special edition of the original Morning View under the Epic label. Released initially in 2001, Morning View is a staple of early 2000s alt-rock and features hit singles like “Wish You Were Here” and “Nice to Know You.” This anniversary edition will stir nostalgia among longtime listeners and introduce newer audiences to one of Incubus’ most influential works.


Hot Water Music: Vows [Equal Vision]

Veteran punk band Hot Water Music has deep roots in the alternative rock scene, known for blending aggressive punk energy with melodic sensibilities. Their new album, Vows, dropping via Equal Vision, is expected to continue their tradition of earnest lyrics and infectious riffs. With a career spanning decades, Hot Water Music has built a reputation for creating fierce and heartfelt music. Learn more about the album here. 

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