Anti-Flag’s Frontman Refutes Sexual Assault Claims

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Justin Sane: Anti-Flag’s Lead Singer Denies Assault Allegations

Justin Sane, the commanding voice of the combative punk ensemble Anti-Flag, has vehemently refuted the sexual assault allegations that precipitated the band’s sudden dissolution last week.

In a public statement, Sane dismissed the allegations as “categorically false,” asserting that he has “never engaged in a sexual relationship that was not consensual.” He further elaborated that the band’s decision to disband was due to the untenable situation created by these allegations.

In a separate statement, the remaining members of Anti-Flag, a band known for its politically charged lyrics and activism, emphasized their commitment to supporting survivors of sexual violence and abuse. They stated, “A core tenet of the band Anti-Flag is to listen to and believe all survivors of sexual violence and abuse.” They also vouched for Sane’s character, stating, “In the last 30 years we have never seen Justin be violent or aggressive toward women.”

The band’s sudden split was announced amidst a European tour following a woman’s allegations on the Enough podcast. She claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the lead singer of a “political punk band,” although she did not specifically name Anti-Flag.

The situation raises critical questions about how bands should respond to such serious allegations. Should they immediately disband or consider a temporary hiatus first?

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