Bill Frost on TV for February 28th, 2022

Better Things (Season 5, Monday Feb. 28, FX/Hulu)

The Larry David Story (Documentary, Tuesday March 1, HBO/HBO Max)

The Guardians of Justice (New Series, Tuesday March 1, Netflix)

Star Trek: Picard (Season 2, Thursday March 3, Paramount+)

Our Flags Means Death (New Series, Thursday March 3, HBO Max)

The Tourist (New Series, Thursday March 3, HBO Max)

Dicktown (New Series, Thursday March 3, FXX/Hulu)

The Dropout (New Series, Thursday March 3, Hulu)

Joe vs. Carole (New Series, Thursday March 3, Peacock)

Pieces of Her (Movie, Friday March 4, Netflix)

The Weekend Away (Movie, Thursday March 3, Netflix)

After Yang (Movie, Friday March 4, Showtime)

Fresh (Movie, Friday March 4, Hulu)

The Boys: Diabolical (New Series, Friday March 4, Prime Video)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (New Season, Friday March 4,

Outlander (Season 6, Sunday March 6, Starz)

Shining Vale (New Series, Sunday March 6, Starz)

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