Bill Frost on TV for March 28th, 2022

The Girl From Plainville (New Series, Tuesday March 29, Hulu)

How to Survive a Pandemic (Documentary, Tuesday March 29, HBO/HBO Max)

Moon Knight (New Series, Wednesday March 30, Disney+)

How We Roll (New Series, Thursday March 31, CBS)

Julia (New Series, Thursday March 31, HBO Max)

Moonshot (Movie, Thursday March 31, HBO Max)

Rat In the Kitchen (New Series, Thursday March 31, TBS)

The Bubble (Movie, Friday April 1, Netflix)

Apollo 10 1/2 (Movie, Friday April 1, Netflix)

Slow Horses (New Series, Friday April 1, Apple TV+)

The Outlaws (New Series, Friday April 1, Prime Video)

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